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How much does it cost to live in London now?

Hey Juno community!

If you've been searching for a new place to live in the capital, this one may come as no surprise to you: rent prices have bounced right back from their pandemic lows

We're also covering currency values and more stories on the gender inequality front.

Plus, one of our community members asks whether a UX bootcamp is really worth the spend 💸

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In the news this week...

1. London rent prices have bounced right back from the pandemic

What's happening?

Annual growth on rentprices has hit 13.5% in London, the highest growth in prices in the capital since 1998.

What does this mean for my money?

Rent is now on average higher than it was before the pandemic, particularly in areas like central and North West London. If you're currently looking for a rental, expect prices to be significantly higher than before.

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🏡 Use this map to check the average rents across London (and work out if that borough you were looking at might be out of budget!)

2. The pound hit its lowest value against the dollar since March 2020

What's happening?

While the dollar's value has gone slightly up from a previous downturn, the pound is now less valuable against it because of rising interest rates, inflation, and the overall downturn in the UK.

What does this mean for my money?

The strength of the pound is often linked to the strength of the economy, so its loss in value can be seen as a reflection of the difficulties of the last few months.

And if you were planning a trip to Malibu over the summer, you'll notice that your money won't take you as far as before. In July 2021 a $100 night out would have cost you £72 whilst now it'll add up to £84!

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🎧 The Economist dives into the possibility of recession across the world with a 20 minute podcast.

3. More Steves than women are FTSE 100 CEOs

What's happening?

Only 6 CEOs in the 100 companies making up the index are women, which means that they match the number of CEOs named Dave, but are overtaken by Steves

The FTSE 100 is the index that encompasses publicly listed companies with the highest value in the UK. A new survey has also shown that women executives in these companies are paid 74% less on average.

What does this mean for my money?

Last week we covered Sifted's report on gender inequality in startups, but the new figures on the FTSE 100 show that the situation might be just as bad in the corporate space.

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🗞 The Evening Standard gives you the full lowdown on the survey's findings.

What's going on in the community?

1. Are career bootcamps worth it?

Q: My situation: I have about 60k worth of student loans from my art history degrees, I loved the studies but have been struggling finding a satisfying job in it so far.

Recently I found UX design and love it. I am working for an art space related start up with significant chance to slowly move into UX. However, I wonder if doing a bootcamp is my only way to really move into the field. Can I justify spending 7k more on education to do a bootcamp whilst still in debt?

In my country student loans are interest free and I have time before I need to start making payments.

Nicole: I am a researcher so it is hard for me to fully advise but I have worked with so many designers all over my career that have entered UX design from all different fields.

I would be cautious in ensuring that the bootcamp is good value from money, from a reputable company etc and think about how their bootcamp would set you up for future work. Maybe trying to find people who have done that course before on linkedin and reaching out to them.

Overall, a really good portfolio and case studies is what I have seen being the turing point.

Elyse: I studied product design at Uni but had no experience in UX or UI. I bluffed my way through my first interview and learnt slowly on the job, relying on medium & other apps for best practice.

I know other UX designers who have followed a similar path so I personally think 7K is quite steep unless you’re really clear on what exactly you are getting out of it and why it's better value than other cheaper courses.


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