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Your money wins of 2022

It has been quite the year. Highs, lows, turns, and loops: a Winter Wonderland rollercoaster might be the closest comparison. We are grateful for 2022 because it taught us about the world, things that are outside our control, and ourselves. Despite the craziness, we all survived it!

Let's wrap the year up with a bang by putting on centre stage some of the incredible women who have opened up about their successes!

When one of us wins, we all win!

Money Wins from the Juno Community

The ones who won the negotiation game (and aren't we jealous!) 👀

"Got a promotion - almost a 4k rise!" - Nisha

"Managed to get an almost 25% on my 6-month review.

Feeling empowered and respected" - Alice

The one who landed her dream job (where can I sign up?) 🙌

The one who smashed that savings goal 💰

"I saved up for a house deposit of 40k on my own!!" - Bethany

The one who contributed to a future wholesome life ❤️

"I increased my pension contribution from 4% to 6%. Small but feels big to me!" - Mary-Ling

The one who turned the great resignation into the great reinvention 🏄‍♀️

"I took a 10k pay cut to switch from a design to an engineering job (at a more junior level) and I love talking and thinking about how to make a leap to do something that makes you happy in your career!" - Emily

The one who gave us those 'I'm in charge' feeeels 💃

"My long-term relationship ended. But, I learned enough and am now in a position where I'm not panicking financially!" - @expirydateglorytrain

The one who helped someone in need, but didn't let herself fall back ☘️

The one who showed us that anything is achievable (we're all inspired) 🏆

"I set myself a revenue target for my freelance business and smashed it so I can now take guilt-free time to invest in myself and to grow my business" - Lilli

The one who got on the property ladder 👏

"I bought a studio flat in Italy!" - @nowintown

The one who sussed out her side-hustle ☕️

"Got a side income by teaching marketing and started investing (thanks to Juno!)" - Diana

The one who cracked the mortgage system 🏡

"Paid off extra on my mortgage without extra costs because of rising interest rates, thus lowered my monthly mortgage payments and saved money in the long run" - @saschalancee

The one who proved that you've got to risk it 💪

"I asked a new client for a higher freelance rate than I thought possible, and got it!" @_daisy_me_rollin_

The ones who dove confidently into their investing journeys 📈

"Got out of debt, and started investing" - @matilda_e_m "Started investing!" - @jessfearne "Bought my first etf! My start of a financial journey :)" - @letizia_avanzini


Are you ready to make 2023 the year of money wins?

Download the Juno app today and take advantage of a holiday discount when you sign up! 🎄

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