The first financial education app for women, by women.

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Your Juno is here to help you get your financial shit together.

Finance doesn't have to be boring. We give you the bite-sized, engaging and expert financial education you always wanted, but never got. 

Your financial glow up starts here.

We'll teach you how to:

Lay the foundations
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Get out of debt​

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Build an emergency fund

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Save more

Make more money
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Build passive


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Get a raise

Secure your future
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Grow your pension


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Insure yourself

Start investing

Buy your home

Say bye to white men in suits, learn from financial experts you can relate to:

Chanelle Patinson

Financial Advisor

Natalie Scott

Money Mindset Coach

Selina Flavius

Founder @ BlackGirlFinance

Victoria Nabarro

Certified Financial Planner

Ella Weinberg

Financial Advisor

Ellie Austin

Founder @ThisGirlTalksMoney

and many more...

A sneak peak into the app

Bite-sized lessons

Boring books begone, we've made finance sexy for you!

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Short, snappy videos so you can learn on the go, at your own pace

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Polls, quizzes and flashcards to test your knowledge

Your own to-do list

Learning about money is good, taking action is better

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Every step of your financial glow up is detailed in your to-do list

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You just need to tick them off 

Learn and unlearn in a safe space

Never underestimate the power of community

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In the Juno community, we're here to help each other. You're never alone on your financial journey.

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Let's break the money taboo together

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What our community is saying

Big thanks to Juno for having such a big impact on my career decision making - I negotiated a pay increase for my grad job AND they accepted!
- Priya, 22

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