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About Us

We exist is to help you gain control over your financial future. 

Our Mission

We want to give women and non-binary people the financial knowledge and confidence to build their wealth.

Wealth is about far more than owning a nice house and being able to jet off on a nice holiday. Wealth equals freedom. Freedom to pursue education, to leave a toxic relationship or to start a business. That’s why we’ve built Your Juno.

We know that closing the gender gap in financial literacy is not the final hill to climb in the trek towards gender equity. But knowledge is power - so it's a good place to start.

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Our Values


We obsess over your success!

The reason we exist is to help you gain control over your financial future. 

Count on us to cheer you on, all the way!


Radical Inclusivity

Finance has been 'one-size-fits-all' for too long. We celebrate difference and aim to cater for all of them. 
No one is left behind.


Money as a force for good

More money means more choices for ourselves, our loved ones and the causes we care about.


Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

The legacy of outdated gender norms still impacts us everyday.


Challenge your beliefs.

The Founders

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Margot & Alexia

Co-founders of Your Juno

"Money was never a taboo at home. We were raised by a single mom who was very financially savvy and encouraged talking about finance at the dinner table."

Your Juno was founded by two sisters: Margot and Alexia.
Unsurprisingly, both Alexia and Margot went on to study and work in economics and finance. "During the pandemic - as markets came crashing down - we noticed a huge difference in the types on conversations we were having with our guy- and girlfriends. Men were talking about their crypto investments and bragging about their returns, whereas women were never speaking about investing."

This is when they discovered the gender gap in financial literacy. In almost every country, women are both less knowledgable and confident when it comes to finance.

"We decided to build a financial empowerment platform aimed at providing the best education in a fun way - a bit like the Duolingo of Money"
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