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Freelancer Finances
with Alice Benham

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Only available on iOS

Meet your teacher


Alice Benham

Alice Benham is a business & marketing strategist who has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs to level up their businesses in a more intentional, sustainable, and most importantly, value-driven way.


On a mission to bring more honesty to the small business world, she also hosts the chart-topping podcast Starting The Conversation.


What's included?

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Daily lessons

Each day, a new lesson unlocks.

Each one is between 5-10 minutes long, and covers one specific action-point for you to implement. 

Expert support

Ask your burning questions directly to Alice in the app.

She'll be on hand to support your learning and cheer you on as you streamline your finances.


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Meet your cohort

An intimate community of 150 women & non-binary people supports you along the way. 
It's akw

Only available on IOS

After taking this course, you will:

Streamline your business finances💪

Understand where your money is coming from and going, and have the tools to track and predict your finances. 

Implement the profit-first method 💸

You will learn a new accounting method that ensures that you make a profit each year, no matter your business size.

Ready to make your best money move yet?

Only available on IOS

Understand tax and your accounts ✨ 

You'll know exactly how to set up your accounts to have a clear breakdown between tax, expenses and paying yourself.

Be confident in pricing yourself and growing your business 💸

Know what your time is worth, have the knowledge to invest in your own business, and protect your future.

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