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How can I manage my money better as a freelancer?

Hey Juno community!

We know that lots of you are freelancers, or are on your side hustle game. And as we all know, managing your finances as a freelancer can be stressful at the best of times.

That's why we're bringing you a brand new course in the YourJuno app, with daily lessons on how to manage your finances as a freelancer. At the end of the course, you'll understand your taxes, streamline your business finances, and be able to implement the profit-first method – all while surrounded by an intimate community.

Our waitlist is open now – make your best money move yet!

In the news this week...

1. In London, transport fares are set to rise

What's happening?

After months of negotiation, TFL has finally signed a deal with the government to get more funding. The catch? Tube fares are going to rise (again!), and bus services are going to be cut.

What does this mean for me?

Tube fares rose by 4.8% in March, as the company struggles with travel changes brought on by COVID. Some of the government money will also be going on expanding walking and cycling infrastructure.

An easy way to save? If you have a railcard you can connect it to your Oyster card – just ask one of the staff in your local tube station.

Learn more...

🚇 Here's the deets of the government bailout, and a little more info on how to get your railcard discount.

2. One thing that won't fix the energy crisis? Approving more oil drilling

What's happening?

As we all know, the UK is currently in an energy crisis. Now, it seems like Liz Truss' advisors are discussing proposals to issue up to 130 new drilling licenses for oil and gas.

What does this mean for my money?

Given that it takes 30 years for a site to produce new oil, Truss can't even justify this as a measure for the cost of living crisis. Your best bet for fighting this? Make sure you're registered to vote, and consider taking part in local climate and political activism.

Learn more...

🌿 Want to maximise the impact of your climate actions? This report goes deep into which actions have the most valuable outcomes in fighting emissions.

3. Big tech gets hit by layoffs

What's happening?

Snapchat has announced that it plans to lay off 20% of employees, after its stock price declined almost 80% this year.

What does this mean for my money?

Like other tech companies, Snap hired lots during the pandemic. Previously, layoffs had been reserved for less established companies while FAANG brought in hiring freezes. Now, even Snap finds itself in a less-than-ideal position.

Learn more...

📉 Crunchbase brings together all of the tech companies that have conducted layoffs so far.

👩‍💻 And on the other side, Sifted has a list of all the European tech companies still hiring.

What's going on in the community?

1. How do you reassess work boundaries during layoffs?

I've started in Berlin at a new company 6 months ago as a Product Manager, reporting directly to the VP. The company has been laying people off, including my boss's coordinator, who used to handle her admin tasks.

Now, she asks me to do those (managing her schedule, replying to emails etc).I've raised this with her before, and she acknowledges it. But simply says that they don't have the budget to hire anyone else and that this is where I can be the most helpful at the moment.

I really love the company and my role beyond this. Is there anything I can do?

Here's what community member Lilli Graf had to say:

"This made me think about this Instagram profile which talks about boundaries and also gives you some concrete examples of how to professionally set boundaries on a work context.

Since you wrote that you love the company and the role, I have the following input to share:

  • Can you capture and get acknowledged for the additional responsibilities and work that you do? Ideally in writing so that you have it for the future, it can come in handy when you need to negotiate your position or salary.

  • Can you agree on a specific time where you review and discuss the distribution again? What needs to be in place for them to hire someone else to take these tasks. Lauren Currie has a great podcast episode on this"

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