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How can I work out my investing risk appetite?

Hey Juno community!

Earnings season are here, and that means loooots of movement in the stock market We've got a brand new quiz this week to work out how much stock market risk you like – scroll on down to check it out!

Also in today's newsletter, the IMF has slashed their UK economy growth prediction, and shared ownership takes on the publishing industry – plus, one of our community members asks whether pensions are worth it.

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1. U.S. earnings season is here, and that means volatility

What's happening?

It's earnings season in the US, which means that publicly traded companies are reporting their quarterly earnings. Earnings season = more volatility, because companies are usually either doing better or worse than expected, resulting in their stock price jumping.

Microsoft and Google stocks climbed this week, but Walmart's stock has fallen after the retailer revealed that higher food and fuel prices were cutting into people's spending (no surprises there!).

What does this mean for me?

If your risk appetite is low, looking at your stocks right now may make you feel nervous. But earnings season volatility is normal, and this year in particular market conditions have revealed where companies aren't doing as well as they were before

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We've put together a quick quiz to help you determine your investor risk profile so that you can work out what kind of investments you feel comfortable making!

2. The IMF has predicted that the UK will have the slowest growth of G7 companies next year

What's happening?

It's a pretty jargon-heavy story, so let's break it down. IMF stands for the International Monetary Fund, and their job is to keep the international money system stable (important stuff!). The G7 is a major intergovernmental group, bringing together the UK alongside other big economic players, including the US, China, and France.

For 2023, the IMF originally predicted that the UK's economy would grow by 1.2%, but they've now slashed that to 0.5%.

What does this mean for my money?

The IMF has warned that the risk of recession is looming larger – not much new here

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🌎 The BBC's analysis breaks down how the UK's reliance on fossil fuels has led us here

3. Could crypto allow people to invest in books?

What's happening?

Community member Tofunmi shared this story over in the Your Juno community, and it's a juicy one

Startups and authors alike are turning to cryptocurrencies as a way to reinvent the publishing industry, trying new crowdfunding models that give readers a stake in books. It's a very new idea, but one that a few early adopter companies are trying to get off the ground.

What does this mean for my money?

It's pretty unlikely that we'll all own stakes in our favourite books any time soon, but it's a fascinating new development in an internet where people are increasingly looking to move into shared models of ownership.

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Get the full story in Esquire – it's a great read!

What's going on in the community?

1. Feeling like pensions might not be worth it? Here's what our community thinks

Q: I've been ignoring pensions because I don’t think I’ll ever see money from them... It feels like state pension age is constantly being pushed back & with climate change and current politics... I feel like the world is very likely to be in crisis but the time I hit retirement. Anyone else feel that way?

R1: With the unreliability of the government and the future that we’re heading towards, contributing to a personal private pension, having a stocks and shares ISA, a LISA or anything of that sort to fall back on will definitely give you a peace of mind if you’re feeling like this.

I think future you will be very grateful if you take some time now to look into it and start planning for your retirement since it’ll be too late to do anything about it when you get to that age.

R2: The world is in crisis now imo and that is why I looooooove prioritising my pension! It feels weird to do it at a time when most people I know are saving for a house but for me it's the ultimate F-off fund: I can stay in relationships and jobs as long as I need but won't have to feel tied to them if I have my pension on lockdown ASAP.

If you're still not feeling 100% on pensions, why not try out the brand new pensions module in the Your Juno app? We cover everything you need to know about pensions (and why they can be a tool to make the world a better place!)


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