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Learn about ethical investing from the experts

Have you considered joining the sustainable investing movement? We partnered up with Circa5000 for an event where we discussed all things sustainability, impact and social responsibility in investing.

We invited three experts to walk us through everything to know, including Alice Ross, author of ‘Investing to Save the Planet’, Barbara Juhaszova, head of marketing at Woolit, and Charlene Cranny, founder of Economy of Good. Here's what we learned.

Social media buzz around brands amping up their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) activities are on every feed you scroll – be it Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or the news. Here’s what you can do to actually support causes you care about, by choosing ethical avenues of investment and make your money work harder and more sustainably.

Wouldn’t it be the ideal situation to grow your wealth while supporting companies that are solving key issues, like tackling climate change and reducing social inequalities. This is known as Impact Investing, which one report estimated constitutes only 2% of total investments. Isn’t that an alarming number?

Here are some tips for you to dive into impact investing at an individual level:

  1. Switch to a sustainable pension instead of sticking to the default option as they perform better and are a quick way for you to do your bit. We’ve got a blog post all about how you can do this 👀

  2. Explore apps that specialise in impact investing, like Circa5000, Freetrade, Luno, and Sugi.

  3. Keep an eye out for greenwashing. Greenwashing refers to deceptive marketing jargon that persuades people that a product or service is beneficial to the environment. This can also be applied to investments that carry labels such as sustainable, green or impact.

Make sure to do your homework and look into the companies that you’re investing in to check that they align with your values.


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