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Learn everything you need to know to reach your financial goals. The 'Duolingo of Money' is here.

Your Money Mentor

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Access 20 modules with over 100 hours of learning 

Created for your financial goals

Whether you're wanting to get out of debt, start investing or build passive income. 

You'll receive a personalized learning path based on your goals. 

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Financial education in your pocket

Each lesson is made fun with polls, quizzes and action items so you can take the steps you need to get your financial sh*t together.

Spend 5-10 minutes learning about money every day, and you'll be feeling money confident in no time.


Join 25,000+ women and non-binary people making money moves

Our community is on hand to celebrate, share learnings and build your confidence in your financial decisions.

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What our community thinks about us

The best app for your financial glow up.

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